Tentang Ekologi Industri

This course provides an understanding about interrelation among human activities, industries, technological aspect, social system and natural resources. So that students have the important role and function to keep environment sustainability, able to adapt and give a solution consider to environmental aspect for any kind of industrial activities.


Course Learning Outcomes

Code Detail of Learning Outcomes
TP1 Students are able to explain the concept of eco-system
TP2 Students are aware of impacts   the interrelated between man and ecosystem, technology, natural recourses due to human activities.
TP3 Student are able to understand and to explain the concept of ‘sustainable development”, recent on issues of national, global issue of climate change and environmental   problems
TP4 Student are able understand and to present of Industrial Ecology concept.
TP5 Student have ability to relate and identify an environmental aspect and environmental impact of an activity especially for activity industries starts from cradle to gravel (input material to end of life production)
TP6 Student are able to know and to present the principles of environmental management system including introduction of life cycle assessment
TP7 Students have ability to design and being innovative in response for solving the environmental issues.